Marta. 19. Architecture Student. Lisbon. Portugal.

September 7th
September 6th
September 6th v0lant:

(by maren-celest)
September 6th kudou-kun:

光:mogu mogu by (yummmmi)
September 2nd awaitingly:

untitled by michelle k. a. on Flickr.
September 2nd turbinis:

Hallstatt, Austria by traceyjohns on Flickr.
August 29th
August 29th electrail:

aloha by ♫muxu on Flickr.
August 29th wildstag:

untitled by Madeline Joy on Flickr. X
August 29th "People want to hear songs with the words they’re afraid to say."
Hilarie Burton, One Tree Hill (via flamebegins)

(Source: seefaitheverywhere, via flamebegins)

August 29th thepsychologyofmolly:

A beautiful end to a beautiful trip (at Stanford University)
August 29th vakent:

Chris Amat
August 29th beauhotiful:


We Heart It.

August 29th whisped:

14 by quiet nymphs on Flickr.
August 29th joslo:

untitled by 奶油妹||piggy on Flickr.